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About GambleSwap

GambleSwap is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is advanced version of ERC20, with a limited total supply of 500,000,000.

Used to trade and pay fees with a discount on our exchange (GambleSwap). Will also be used as the house currency for our virtual casino game coming to the metaverse soon!

Token Name

Gamble Coin

Token Symbol



Binance Smart Chain

Number of phases


Tokens Offered


Accepted Currency

BNB (Binance Coin)

First Phase Cap

$ 15,000,000

Last Phase Cap

$ 42,795,000

Initial Phase Price

$ 0.100000000

Final Phase Price

$ 0.28531167

Estimated List Price

$ 2.85

Soft Cap

$ 45,000,000

Hard Cap

$ 52,000,000

Soft Cap for Token sale


Hard Cap for Token sale


GMBL Platform

GambleSwap is the next generation of advanced decentralized blockchain, to be the leader, we are now in a stage of rapid development. ​

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Now Price: $ 0.1
Next Round Price: $ 0.11
  ≈ 0 BNB
  ≈ 0 GMBL

ICO Calender

Phase 1 1,50,00,000 $ 0.1
Phase 2 1,65,00,000 $ 0.11
Phase 3 1,81,50,000 $ 0.1331
Phase 4 1,99,65,000 $ 0.1331
Phase 5 2,19,61,500 $ 0.14641
Phase 6 2,41,57,650 $ 0.161051
Phase 7 2,65,73,415 $ 0.19487171
Phase 8 2,92,30,756 $ 0.19487171
Phase 9 3,21,53,832 $ 0.21435888
Phase 10 3,53,69,215 $ 0.23579477
Phase 11 3,89,06,136 $ 0.25937425
Phase 12 4,27,96,750 $ 0.28531167

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide you with the safest environment where you can gamble while you are provided with the benefits of cryptocurrencies


If you want to know more about limitless fun and earnings, we are providing you, we are here for it. First, you should know that we combined the possibilities of metaverse with the ever-growing gaming industry. Most gambling is a game of luck that has a long history. It requires patience and intelligence. We added more wisdom to this game by combining it with the limitless possibilities of the metaverse. What if we told you that you can swap CHIP pieces? This is something you cannot do in real life. However, in this platform, everything is possible!

Mission & Vision Image

Casino Game

Metaverse Game Image

Coming Soon

In this Metaverse casino game, you will be able to participate in multiplayer P2E VR style games. Gamblers will be able to purchase GMBL (THE HOUSE CURRENCY) to play. No matter if you wish to play with dice, spin the slot machines, or put on your best poker face Gamble Casino has something for everyone. Using today’s most advanced AR technology, we plan to build a VR casino setting in which members will be able to interact and compete against each in Grand Tournaments. Gamblers will also earn chances to win CHIPS, which can be staked to earn passive income or be redeemed for GMBL. Gamble Casino is the first Metaverse based Casino to implement P2E style gaming, while also implementing VR tech.

Growth Roadmap

We have aim in mind of changing the face of existing digital Currency model with Decentralized, Fast and Transparent Crypto Currency Model with GambleSwap.



Branding, Logo, Name. Releasing Whitepaper. Project development and market research. Launching Social networks. Launching official website and channels. Expanding the team. Coin Protocol Creation. ICO Launchpad development.



Expanding the marketing and announcements. Early Private investor. Pre-ICO development. ICO Launchpad release. ICO event.



Launching on PancakeSwap. 6.2% burn. Cooperation with game companies. Creation of an appropriation found. improve website usability. Start a powerful marketing campaign. Listing on most major cryptocurrency data authority websites. Hiring for empty positions. Start developing casinoswap.com Project.



Growing global marketing campaigns. Listing on medium-sized exchanges. Launching Gambleswap.com beta version. 6.2% burn. Start developing Casino game project. Growing GMBL team.



Business development. Listing on top tier exchanges. Launching Gambleswap.com alfa version and mobile application. 6.2% burn. Creation of GMBL's blockchain. Launching Casino game beta version for developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of GambleSwap. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

GambleSwap is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Blockchain (BSC) which is advanced version of ERC20.
An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). A company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO as a way to raise funds. Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token may have some utility in using the product or service the company is offering, or it may just represent a stake in the company or project. And investors receive good returns in future. Our objective is to benefit our community of more that 50 Lac active users worldwide.
ICOs are generally launched in rounds. This affects the price of cryptocurrency. We are also opting for ICO of GambleSwap in five different rounds. You are welcome to join our private sale anytime. Remember the sooner you participate, your chances of buying GambleSwap at affordable prices get better.
This is completely decentralized on Binance Smart Chain so you can buy GambleSwap using BNB, BUSD cryptocurrency, which is utilized by Binance Exchange also.
We have succussfully Developed Multiple Revenue Generation Models Based on Blockchain Technology which will be utilized worldwide. For using that services GambleSwap will be required and demand will increases. Demand, supply and circulation is the most basic rule of economics. Meaning, increase in the circulation and limited supply increases the demand of things. This is how the price of things shoots up. Thus, the price of GambleSwap will also reach the next level.
Please refer to the ROADMAP section available on our website. You can even download our WHITEPAPER for seeking detailed answer to your question.

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